Lovi Poe names the Kapamilya stars she wants to work with: 'Everyone. Honestly.' | Star Cinema

Lovi Poe is Lovi-ng her new home network! Now an official Kapamilya, Lovi looks forward to working with ABS-CBN’s top talents. At a global media conference held on Wednesday, September 16, Lovi expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome she received upon signing with ABS-CBN. While Lovi admittedly found it a tough decision to leave her former network of 15 years, she is full of happiness and excitement for what’s to come.

The Crowdfunding Sessions: Sound Architects Recap

The event started at 10 PM with Dissonance as the first act – a six-piece band strong on ambient beats, hypnotic vocals and a powerful presence throughout their set. Pastillan Dong! was next to play. The rock outfit drove listeners wild into an enjoyable headbang frenzy. The World I’ll Leave Behind was the third and last supporting act to hit the stage. It was refreshing to watch this trio perform as they were very spontaneous with their line-up as well as cleverly funny in engaging their audience. They did a bunch of covers adding their own punk-meets-rock style to them, as well as played some originals with the same, if not more, level of energy and technique.

Reg Rubio and TJ Brillantes talk about Brgy. Tibay

Music is more than what we hear – it's also what we experience and what we take part in. Brgy. Tibay authenticates this exact concept specifically when it comes to heavy music. Year after year they bring us some of the richest experiences in the music scene by hosting and producing events and gigs of the highest caliber possible. Great sound, solid line-ups and rad venues. All resulting in a growing community asking for more. This year they're about to bring us just that. With Japanese bands coming in, a skate competition sponsored by big league brands, and bazaars, Brgy. Tibay's 2015 year-ender could be their best one yet.

Swamp Monster The Grayscale Collection

Monochromatic, minimalistic, and modern: Cebu-based streetwear brand Swamp Monster reinvents the classic black-and-white palette with their newest clothing array The Grayscale Collection. Though this collection dabbles in the most basic of color schemes, Swamp Monster’s style game has never been this strong. One twist that would not go amiss is their unconventional black-on-black and white-on-white tee designs. Nonetheless, it’s hard to pick a favorite among the featured garments as they all rightfully represent what The Grayscale Collection is all about: simple and straightforward, and yet strong and sleek.

State of the Union: Strike ongoing

Be that as it may, labor unions exist beyond the labor strikes they have become synonymous to. They endeavor all year round for one clear purpose among others: to uphold workers’ rights and advocate for better working conditions. A purpose that entails much action in today’s economic climate. Most of the time, that action translates quietly in paper. But on days like this, that action is manifested through public demonstration. Disruptive, some would say. A laborer would argue: it has to be. In a country where unions have yet to possess potency in noiseless assembly to influence policy, they would have to resort to this kind of public collective bargaining.

Thousandfold, a Photography Concept Studio

Beyond your Instagram feed is a space to see, touch, and experience contemporary photography in print and among an active community. Thousandfold offers this exact kind of space. Its public launch last September 3rd introduced Thousandfold to the ever-expanding cultural sphere of the Philippines. A Photobook Library, a workshop venue, and a small press studio in one – Thousandfold is the first of its kind to grant photography enthusiasts opportunities, such as programs and photography resources, which otherwise would not have been available.

Satchmi Turns One

Our favorite music and lifestyle store-next-door Satchmi hits their first year with nothing less than a full-blown celebration. Overflowing with free food and drinks courtesy of Mr. Graham Sandwich Shop, Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe, Craftpoint and Satchmi itself, the party kept everyone full– heart and tummy wise– along with featured performances from BP Valenzuela, Reese & Vica, CRWN, Coeli, and comedian Chip Balbuena. Fun and games brought the party to life as well, with special prizes from Satchmi's lifestyle brands. One lucky winner even got to bring home a Motorino Mk II by winning the Photo Booth contest.

Learn to take a joke

I am not the only woman who has been told to learn to take a joke, especially when we are the butt of it. There are men who try to “educate” us that quips about sexual harassment and the diminution of women in the workplace are “funny” and a female comic’s feminist jokes are not. This puts us in an awkward position where we need to reconcile between a man’s humor and a woman’s humiliation, and between a woman’s humor and a man’s ego. This reconciliation happens in an instant. No one pauses for a while and assesses if the joke is ticking the right boxes: either you laugh or you don’t.

CollegianAUX: Bike Sharing is Caring

If you have gone around UP Diliman, you could not have missed at least one of the 40 identical bicycles parked in campus. All painted in red, relatively new, and marked with a popping white imprint that is hard to miss: the logo of UP Bike Share, the University’s first and only bike sharing organization. UP Bike Share’s growing community of rad riders and members shows the emergence of a generation that cares consciously about how small choices affect the world on a large scale.

JanSport x LRG Fall 2015 Collection

Calling all creatives! You’re in for a refreshing treat as JanSport collaborates with iconic streetwear brand LRG for its Fall 2015 collection. This team-up brings something chic and sharp to the table: a premium three-piece collection featuring pieces Right Pack, Sinder, and Iron Sight. Think cutting edge exterior; superior quality; street fused with class – this collection caters to the creative's practical needs as well as aesthetic cravings.